Only a year ago I really disliked Macs.  I actually really, really disliked Macs.  I hated the menu at the top.  I disliked having to “mount” applications.  And I found iTunes just too clunky and closed.  But what I hated the most was not being able to develop applications using Delphi. Yes I know there is Free Pascal… but it isn’t Delphi.

Then earlier this year I bought a MacBook Pro. I bought it for one application – Keynote, which I’m using for online presentations. It’s clearly better than PowerPoint.  It has some amazing slide and object transitions.  So I started using my Mac more and more.  I then bought an iPad.  What a great device.  I found myself using my Apple devices more and more.  This still didn’t solve my applications development problem.  So I’m delighted Embarcadero is really getting serious about producing a Delphi development tool for the Apple Mac!

This blog is intended to be a repository for everything about Delphi for the Mac and iOS.  It’s going to be a fun journey!

Steve Maughan

P.S. I still dislike hate iTunes!

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Delphi & Pascal Development on Apple Macs and iOS