Delphi FireMonkey, iOS and the Free Pascal Compiler

In this forum post, we can read some interesting comments by Michael Swindell from Embarcadero:

Re FPC, we will be coming out with a Delphi ARM compiler at some point, but we’re appreciative that FPC is available today for ARM/iOS and we were able to leverage to get FireMonkey to iOS.

So it’s just a stopgap solution for them until they have time to build their own ARM compiler, but the fact that they will ship FPC definitely serves as a testament to its quality :) Very cool!

So FireMonkey will use the FreePacal compiler for iOS in XE2. But this will be a interim solution. For me the big test will come when Embarcadero releases it’s first none Intel x86 compiler. This will be the acid test as to whether they have snuff to really do cross compiler solutions (and I certainly hope they make the grade).

One thought on “Delphi FireMonkey, iOS and the Free Pascal Compiler”

  1. You may be right. I would like to see it. Emb does have a head start if they use Kylix’s compiler. I am sure they can take parts of it to use in the new compiler. It would open the door to not just Linux desktop apps but server apps. Cross platform web server apps would be very interesting. Desktop apps would be very interesting too if Firemonkey can mature fast enough and be well designed. The reason I guessed at ARM is because the market has been pushing mobile solutions heavily via phones and tablets. So, priorities might have shifted.

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