Are Your Components Compatible with Delphi for Mac / iOS / Android?

Simon Stuart has a great article on his blog called, “Future-proofing #1 – Don’t let third parties inhibit your progress“.  He says,

Even the most popular components and libraries are now falling far behind!

and points out that popular component sets such as JVCL will almost certainly not run on Delphi for the Mac.

Any components, code, or libraries you use containing any Assembly (ASM) blocks are also going to be a problem! The ASM instructions for Windows 64bit, MacOSX and the various other platforms are all different! What are the chances that all of this code is going to be updated in the next few months to work properly in this new frontier?

He recommends cutting back to the bare minimum number of components. A good tip he makes is to check the date of the last update of the components and decide if they are likely to be maintained as the new environments are released.

My own take on this is slightly different. I see Delphi for Mac and iOS as a way to leverage my Delphi skills and working with a language I know and love.  I don’t see it as a way to create one code set which will compile for a mirad of environments.  I could be wrong (I hope I am!), but wouldn’t a “write-once-deploy-everywhere” approach need to cater for the lowest common denominator i.e. the worst elements of each environment.

I did enjoy Simon’s post and I think it’s a good sign when developers are starting to think about components and how they will be used in the future.

What do you think?

Looks who’s buying a Mac Mini?

It looks as if Marco Cantu has just purchased a Mac mini to play with. In this post:

he made the enigmatic comment at the end,

 It’s Friday, have a busy week end, will probably do it on Monday anyway… and I also got a Mac Mini to play with today, but that’s another story!

Marco is a Delphi Ninja, and a well connect one at that. Could it be he’s getting to familiar with the Mac OS in preparation for a Delphi beta? I really do hope so!

Delphi for Mac & iOS in 2011 or 2012?

Tim Andersen spotted this comment by David Intersimone.

I noticed the following remark from Embarcadero’s David Intersimone regarding Delphi, its application builder based on Pascal.

We are putting Delphi (and C++Builder) everywhere this year and over the next 5 years. Today you can use Delphi for Desktop, Client/Server, Multi-Tier, Cloud, Web, Web Services (REST and SOAP). This year you will also be able to build for Macintosh and iOS. Linux is also on the roadmap for the coming years along with Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

Welcome news; though Delphi enthusiasts are all too familiar with bold promises. Two years ago I interviewed Embarcadero’s CEO Wayne Williams and he promised cross-platform Delphi in 2010; but when Delphi XE appeared last year neither Mac nor 64-bit (another longstanding request) was included.

If you now go to the original article you’ll find the snippet implying a Delphi compiler for Macintosh and iOS has been edited out.  I suspect this mean Delphi for the Mac will be pushed back to the first half of 2012. Tim’s comments also imply he’s skeptical of the 2011 delivery timetable.

The Reason Why…

Only a year ago I really disliked Macs.  I actually really, really disliked Macs.  I hated the menu at the top.  I disliked having to mount applications.  And I found iTunes just too clunky and closed.  But what I hated the most was not being able to develop applications using Delphi. Yes I know there is Free Pascal… but it isn’t Delphi.

Then earlier this year I bought a MacBook Pro. I bought it for one application – Keynote, which I’m using for online presentations. It’s clearly better than PowerPoint.  It has some amazing slide and object transitions.  So I started using my Mac more and more.  I then bought an iPad.  What a great device.  I found myself using my Apple devices more and more.  This still didn’t solve my applications development problem.  So I’m delighted Embarcadero is really getting serious about producing a Delphi development tool for the Apple Mac!  Here’s a recent post by David Intersimone:

This year we will deliver a 64-bit compiler for WIndows.  We are also working on high speed, native code compilers for Macintosh and other platforms

You can see the full blog post here.

This blog is intended to be a repository for everything about Delphi for the Mac and iOS.  It’s going to be a fun journey!

Steve Maughan

P.S. I still dislike hate iTunes!

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