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Details of Third Party XE2 & FireMonkey Support

DevExpress is one of my favorite Delphi component vendors.  So I was interested to read Julian Bucknall’s blog post outlining DevExpress’ plans for XE2, 64 bit and FireMonkey.  While DevExpress will fully support VCL in both 32 bit and 64 bit flavors, when it comes to FireMonkey he said,

we’re going to take a long term view for our support for FireMonkey. We will not support it immediately. Instead we will experiment to see what is involved in converting our controls to use it and will also monitor feedback and the market for it in order to make better informed decisions next year

So, quite sensibly they are taking a “wait and see” strategy.  Personally I think the demand for FireMonkey components will be significant. So I’m anticipating DevExpress committing to FireMonkey in 2012.

RemObject are taking the plunge and providing Hydra support for FireMonkey.  On the RemObject’s blog, Alexander Krakovskii said,

FireMonkey support in Hydra will ship soon™ after Delphi XE2 is generally available, and will be a free update to any customer with an active Hydra subscription.

Personally, I’m hoping TMS jump in and commit to FireMonkey.

Which components would you like to see for FireMonkey – please comment?

More Details About Delphi Firemonkey

In his latest post Andreano Lanusse gives more details about Firemonkey.  You can read the full text here:


So it would seem Firemonkey is going to decompose all graphical components down to their most basic elements.  The example Andreano gives is that of a TButton.  Using Firemonkey the humble TButton is actually made up of nine subcomponents.  To me this seems smart. For each OS Embarcadero only needs to write the code for these fundamental building blocks.  I guess it’s almost like native code but interpreted GUI.  Sounds fascinating!