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Delphi FireMonkey, iOS and the Free Pascal Compiler

In this forum post, we can read some interesting comments by Michael Swindell from Embarcadero:

Re FPC, we will be coming out with a Delphi ARM compiler at some point, but we’re appreciative that FPC is available today for ARM/iOS and we were able to leverage to get FireMonkey to iOS.

So it’s just a stopgap solution for them until they have time to build their own ARM compiler, but the fact that they will ship FPC definitely serves as a testament to its quality :) Very cool!

So FireMonkey will use the FreePacal compiler for iOS in XE2. But this will be a interim solution. For me the big test will come when Embarcadero releases it’s first none Intel x86 compiler. This will be the acid test as to whether they have snuff to really do cross compiler solutions (and I certainly hope they make the grade).

Windows Ribbon Control & FireMonkey?

I’m starting to think about the practicalities of developing for FireMonkey. One of our applications would be ideal for the Mac and would have little competition. Of course I’d like any FireMonkey applications to run on both the Mac and Windows (I accept iOS will need a separate GUI). So I started thinking about what the GUI would look like, and sketch out some plans.

All of our apps use Microsoft’s ribbon paradigm. I know some people hate the ribbon but I think it is an improvement over a simple menu and toolbar. And I think it’s here to stay.

So how will the ribbon paradigm translate to FireMonkey? I see the following options:

  1. Go back to a normal menu bar and toolbar (e.g. like Office XP) and ignore the benefits of the ribbon
  2. Create two GUIs, one with the ribbon for Windows and one without the ribbon for Mac
  3. Create a cool menu component which runs as a ribbon on Windows and a normal menu on Mac OS
  4.  Create a ribbon component for FireMonkey which brings the ribbon paradigm to the Mac (as well as Windows)

I don’t want to go back to a vanilla menu bar for Windows; and I don’t want to create two GUIs for Windows and Mac (it defeats the point of FireMonkey). So let’s hope there are some creative component developers which can deliver either options 3 or 4.

What do you think?

Delphi for iOS!!

The news just keep getting better.  The new FireMonkey format will support iOS (i.e. iPhone and iPad) from day one!  Jolyon Smith  from New Zealand  gave a detailed write-up. He said,

iOS support for native code FireMonkey apps !! – Yes folks – use Delphi to build iPhone and iPad apps that even Steve Jobs will be happy to have in his Store!

This is simply amazing.  I was delighted with Mac support coming in 2011.  Of course Mac now run on Intel, the same as Windows.  So creating the compiler, while not trivial, is certainly easier than creating a compiler for a new processor.  But it seems Embarcadero has done just that – we will be able to create iOS applications using our beloved Delphi language.

So a question – is there any other platform which enables developers to write once and deploy to PC, Mac and iOS?  The future is bright!

First Delphi Firemonkey Demo on YouTube

This YouTube video showed up today.  It’s posted by Lazy Mule. It seems to show a simple Delphi application being created and deployed on a Mac.  The code is written using a Windows IDE.  Then there is a remote link to a Mac.  So this would seem to imply there is no Mac IDE.  I guess that’s not a problem if the Windows and OS X versiona share 100% of the code